We are proud of our foreign language courses. Students proficient in English can choose to learn a new language, choosing from Mandarin, German, Russian. Foreign language courses and native language courses are conducted at the same time, with three to four hours of lectures per week.

Being a school means that we have many diverse nationalities and cultures in our student population. Even though most of our students are already bi- or trilingual, we believe that continuing to learn languages enhances communication as well as cultural understanding.

Our classes are taught by highly qualified native speaking teachers who make language learning fun and engaging. Beginners mainly focus on oral skills, while at the language continuity level, they focus more on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Encourage students to select a language and use that language throughout the school year to get the best benefit.

Choose a Russian, Mandarin or German language bilingual program!
KIT Education Singapore acknowledges the significant research and evidence that supports the benefits of the maintenance and development of each child's mother tongue wherever possible. The Mother Tongue program at Alpha Green International Family School Singapore aims to maintain and develop students' mother tongues in the school, primarily utilising elements of the relevant national curriculum and linking to the Units of Work in the Primary/Secondary Curriculum when appropriate. It includes four parts: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

All teachers in the native language courses are trained native speakers, they can use Russian, and other languages as needed, such as, German or Mandarin. Mother tongue teaching and foreign language teaching are carried out at the same time, from six to eight hours of teaching each week, depending on the language and curriculum.
KIT Education empowers students to learn new languages, conveniently and efficiently. Second language education has proven to be beneficial for adults, especially in respected fields in the global economy. For this reason we established a bilingual program, which easily enables students to discover a new language.

A bilingual school will provide students with extensive knowledge in various languages. This education prepares them for an affluent future.
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