IGCSE & O-Level preparation program in Singapore
KIT Education now offers Cambridge IGCSE, O-Level, AS/A-Level preparation program - world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 18-19 year olds
With small classes and individualised learning we committed to ensure the overall development of each student prioritising their health and mental stability. We believe this will create a safe and healthy environment to cope with the academic rigour of the exam preparation.
Our professional subject specialists create a dynamic learning environment to inspire students' curiosity about the world, allowing them to flourish academically. The IGCSE pathway will facilitate and enable the next steps of our students' education wherever life may lead them. 
IGCSE is recognized by the world's leading universities and employers, and is an international passport to progress and success.

With a small teacher to student ratio (only 14 to 1) and individual approach we can be sure of successful and stress free exam preparation.
Our students can choose between O-Level (Singapore MOE National Exam) or IGCSE Exam, or take both