We choose children's physical activities carefully because we believe movement is one of the important components of a child's development.
We practise one physical activity for a few months, allowing children to develop their skills step by step. It is also a great possibility for them to discover new sport, connect with friends and improve their overall development.
Skateboarding is a full-body workout. During the lesson they use a variety of muscles and movement skills to propel, stop, steer and manipulate the board which is a great exercise for their feet, legs, arms, and torso.
This year we decided to continue to learn skateboarding. Kids were so excited to start it last year and we can see how extra time outside every week was beneficial for them.
Skateboarding is great for helping develop coordination and core strength. It is also a great activity to teach kids about perseverance and how to reach your goals as it takes a lot of practice and patience to learn new tricks. Staying outside kids get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and Vitamin D.
Skateboarding can also be a good foundation for other sports like surfing and snowboarding.
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