We are a Child-Centred School
Our learning philosophy strikes a balance between personal approach, strong academic record, and bilingual education. A combination of the local academic core curriculum (Mathematics, British English) and International Curriculum.
Our approach to teaching aims to build habits of mind that will enable students to become lifelong learners.
Our Program
Teacher to student ratio is 12 students to every teacher.
Small differences are part of the big picture which we strongly believe yields the best possible results in the “test of life”, rather than just preparing students for a “life of tests”.
We build students' adaptability, collaboration, and analytical skills. We value inquiry learning and encourage students to question.
The plan of the course is not only the teaching content, but also the characteristics of developing emotional, cognitive, social, strategic skills and building learning capabilities.
Classrooms will be open at the start of the school at 9 AM. School day ends at 4 PM.