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Spectrum Class - life and career development for teenagers
Teens are at such a delicate junction in their lives where they need the space to find themselves.

Developed enough to find responsibilities and yet developing in emotional aspects of their lives where everything is felt through emotions.

Many questions, discoveries, answers, trust in relations, and above all, learning not from being told, rather from doing.
Thus, with Spectrum, we find the way by going through these tunnels and finding the way together. Sometimes, it might be a dead end and sometimes, it could be light at the end of the tunnel.

Embracing both and moving forward, most importantly, learning from these journeys from our mistakes and successes.

Durga Pandey
A little more about Ms. Durga herself: she has an educational background in Early Childhood Development and has worked at our school in prior years. She recently came back to Alpha Green after a professional and personal one-year sabbatical in the United States. We are pleased to welcome her back as an Ambassador and Teacher of the Spectrum Programme.